Our selection of tasty and nutrient-dense microgreens!

What are microgreens?

  • Microgreens are nutrient and flavour packed miniature versions of their fully grown vegetable counterparts.

  • Unlike sprouts, they are grown in soil for about 10-14 days from seed to harvest and requires sunlight for the later part of its growth.

  • Studies done by the University of Maryland has shown that microgreens contain between 4 - 40 times the nutrient content of their mature counterparts.

  • They also bring unique flavor and crunch to your salads, sandwiches, ramens and plates!

Our Quality Guarantee

  • We harvest our microgreens at their peak nutrition and within 24 hours of market day to provide you with the freshest product.

  • They are grown vertically indoors for the winter months, allowing us to deliver them all-year round.

  • Our customers appreciate our consistent quality and let us know that our product is the freshest they have had.

  • We choose organic seeds from Canadian suppliers, without any additives.

  • We care about your health and food safety, and follow food safety procedures from planting to harvesting and packaging.

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