Land Share Program

Instead of mowing grass, sit back and receive organic vegetables every week for 20 weeks from June - October this year.

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  • Do you have a lawn that you are spending time & money maintaining?

  • Would you like to consume vegetables that are chemical-free?

  • Would you like to see more locally grown food available in our community?

  • If you are a home owner in the Town of Morinville, AB with lawn space, let us know by signing up at the link above and we will contact you with more info!

What is the Land Share Program?

  • Instead of growing grass on your lawns, we will prepare it and grow organic vegetables.

  • We take care of all aspects of urban farming including equipment use, seeding, water maintainence using organic farming practices, at no cost to the land owner.

  • You will receive a CSA Share (a variety of fresh organic produce) for 20 weeks every week from June to October, 2018 (valued at ~$600 or $30/week)*.

  • If at the end of the growing season, you no longer wish to utilize your lawn as growing space the follwing year, we will re-seed it with grass.

  • We welcome you to participate with the growing process - help would be greatly appreciated but is not expected!

  • * If your lawn/yard is smaller than 1500 sq.ft, we may put you on a waiting list or receive a smaller share of vegetables.

Why support local food production?

  • Agriculture is the third largest contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We are reducing our collective impact by growing food closer to home.

  • The community enjoys high quality food that is fresh, organically grown and more nutrient dense; this contributes to the health of our community.

  • Organic farming practices eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that end up in our water system, it contributes to local biodiversity through the use of non-GMO seeds.

  • The presence of local food production inspires more people to learn about gardening and where food comes from.

  • The farm will help those in need through its fresh food donations to the local food banks.

  • Staying connected with local food production means preparing and eating food that grows with the seasons and leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

Make eating well a reality through sustainable urban farming.