About Us

Shoots Urban Farm partners with local residents in Morinville, AB to produce high-quality vegetables that help people get the nutrition they need to thrive everyday.

We use sustainable practices that maximize the nutritional value of the crop we deliver to you, and minimize the ecological footprint on our soil, water and air.

We aim to provide more choices to our customers who wish to consume chemical-free, locally grown food from non-GMO seeds.

This year we are farming on 1/4 acre total of borrowed community plots in the Town of Morinville!

Our nutrient-dense microgreens are grown all seasons in-doors and delivered by bike (spring to fall) to local customers in Morinville, and sold at local farmers markets in the greater Edmonton area.

We believe that local food production benefits those in need - currently we support the Morinville Food Bank with unsold vegetables from the markets.

Find us at our market locations throughout Edmonton!

Meet the Farmer:

Jenny has been gardening for two years both on her balcony as well as in the local community gardens and experienced first hand the quality of fresh, organic vegetables. Prior to starting Shoots Urban Farm, she did her undergrad in Environmental Sciences at the University of British Columbia and worked as a remediation/reclamation consultant to clean up decommissioned gas stations and well sites for over two years in Edmonton.

Gardening has given her not only fresh produce for a healthier lifestyle, but also helped her feel more connected with the community. She would like to share the benefits of gardening with others who are leading busy lives like she once did, or have difficulty setting up their own garden. She is combining her love of nature, growing food and desire for a more sustainable food system into creating this brand.

She is working towards enabling more people experience the joy of growing their own food in tiny spaces such as balconies, creative use of indoor spaces, lawns, and underutilized spaces that we don't normally consider for food production!