Make eating well a reality through sustainable urban farming

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2018 CSA Sign Up Market Schedule

Local Food Production

Local food production creates a more self-sufficient community and reduces the need to transport food from hundreds of miles away. Urban/peri-urban farming complements rural farming in that it improves efficiency for supplying perishable foods. It reduces urban food insecurity and improves healthy nutrition. Excess food supports local food banks and initiatives.

Sustainable Practice

We farm using organic methods that eliminate chemical fertilizers and pesticides from our soil and water. In our operation, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint. In the summer, transportation will be done on our bike in Town. We focus on delivering to the nearest communities.

Trade Land for Veggies

Freshwater is becoming a scarce resource and currently we use about 30-60% of urban freshwater to water our lawns. Shoots Urban Farm would like to help you turn your lawn into a productive garden that feeds your family and the immediate community. Together we can build a healthier community with better access to organic food.

Garden Services

We offer edible garden set up and maintainence services in Morinville and St. Albert areas. We can help you plan your garden efficiently for the season to maximize your yield and varieties, as well as helping you with tasks such as initial seeding/transplanting.